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rose quartz owl 6 :: eclipse

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rose quartz owl 6 :: eclipse
One of a kind, needle felted owl, containing a single rose petal inside. Part of the 21 owl Rose Quartz Collection. This one was made at the peak of the Lunar eclipse in July 2018. Each side reflects energy of the eclipse. Made with love and intention for the fulfillment of creative livelihood and devotion to one’s path of healing and authenticity.

“we are all in an ocean of love.” -Ram Dass :: eclipse owl, number six in the series of 21 Rose Quartz owls, is available now :: birthed after the silence of the new moon eclipse, as the moon was resting in ease in the center of Cancer, in the most nourishing nakshatra of Pushya, guided by the wisdom of Brihaspati/Jupiter, after a walk amongst the roses and marigolds and the buzzing bees, and a gaze up at the eternal sky :: she contains a new moon on her belly and a sun on her back, she is the alignment of both, as the rose quartz heart sits at her root, bringing healing to her quest for stability and acceptance in the world as she realizes she is a part of it all and only she can give herself this gift of self realization :: needle felted by hand while singing mantras to the Moon, Jupiter, and Rahu (the north node of the Moon) as he was auspiciously aligned in exact conjunction with the Moon last night, this owl is a magic little healer indeed :: born of the renewed trust in one’s offerings, she is available as a companion of the heart on the path of truth, a totem to be carried with you easily to become an altar of remembrance wherever you are :: number 6 in the series, she contains a single rose petal inside, comes with a single rosebud to drink as tea, and is connected to the thread of the story being woven with the other owls who are now on Orcas Island, in Portland, Nashville, and Goldendale :: bee a part of this unfolding story, and you will also be a recipient of the short story I am writing about these owls and their creation :: a beacon of this time of eclipse, of shedding what is old and done, of listening deep to the thread that connects us with our inner joy :: help me on my path as I help you with this gift of art and healing from my heart to yours ::