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Elemental Tea Ceremony 1/21/2019


Elemental Tea Ceremony 1/21/2019
Join us for an elemental tea ceremony in Bellingham, WA on Monday January 21st at the Human Development Center, 1101 North State Street #300. The ceremony will begin at 8:30am and last approximately an hour and fifteen minutes. This tea ceremony is inspired by the elements—an act of devotion to Nature. Melissa and Gregory have been working with the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) for many years and honor the practice as one of their most cherished daily rituals. We will sit with the tea in silent mediation for many bowls to appreciate the fullness of the expression of the leaves. At the end there will be space for guidance for your own personal tea practice or to share any questions or reflections that may arise throughout the experience. If you have been drawn to deepen your relationship with Tea, this experience may act as an initiation—an opening of a portal to other realms not previously thought possible.

Melissa and Gregory met three years ago, guided by tea. They were working at two of Portland’s most cherished teahouses when they met. Since that auspicious meeting, they have been sitting with each other in tea ceremony every morning. They both have years of experience serving tea in teahouses and ceremony style. They have recently relocated to Bellingham, Melissa’s home town, and are looking forward to sharing their love of tea with the community. They are passionate about sourcing clean tea, often from old growth trees, and harvested with care and integrity. The teas they serve can be poured for multiple steepings, and their effect can be experienced in a deep way through sitting together in silence for nearly an hour, connecting with the leaf, the breath and the elements.

Please be clear that you are able to attend the ceremony if you sign up; there is limited space, and thus each seat is precious.

* No refunds *